Garage Sales are Great

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Here is a great way to clean out your house and get rid of those things you always meant to but didn't have the time.   Tips to make some cash and have a successful garage sale

What to Sell: Early morning shoppers do a drive-by and are likely to stop for full tables so display your one-of-a-kind items. Furniture such as dressers, bookcases, and tables bring in buyers.  Tools and toys are great traffic magnets and make sure all appliances work.

How to Price: Tag all items. Be prepared to haggle. Garage sale experts say 10-30% of retail is a fair price for most items.

How to Display: Clean everything. Large items bring the most foot traffic. Items sorted by size and type and organized on shelves or rack fetch higher prices. Clearly mark your sales area. If you have a sale in your garage, cover anything you want to keep.

How to Advertise: Place an ad in a newspaper. Partner with neighbors and split the cost. Make neatly lettered signs to direct traffic to your house (but take them down when the sale is over).

When to Sell: Check the weather when planning your sale. Even if your sale is indoors, bad weather keeps customers home. Saturday is often the best day for a sale, but in some places, people favor Thursday or Friday sales. If you're new to an area, ask around.

What to Do with Leftovers: Store them for next year. Give them away. Have them picked up by a charitable organization; keep a receipt for tax time.